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Behind Walls

Three films from Syria that explore the notion of prisons The figure of the captive is a recurring theme in a large part of Syrian artistic production, in literature, in theatre, and in visual arts and cinema: The captive both … Continue reading

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Things That Still Need to be Said

A year ago, I published the following post on the great Syrian film maker Omar Amiralay on my former blog. I am publishing it again here, because much of what I said then is still relevant and I would like … Continue reading

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Filming Beirut

Lebanese video art has received much attention over the past decade. Often it has been hailed in the West as a new and surprising voice of critical investigation of the war-torn country and related social and political issues. Thereby it has … Continue reading

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Beyond Words

A young African man approaches an elderly couple on a beach somewhere in Northern Morroco. He asks them for news about his companions but they fail to understand him and cannot answer. Later he rescues the man, a poor fisherman, from drowning and … Continue reading

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Euphoria and Beyond

Solo exhibition by Steve Sabella Palestinian artist Steve Sabella‘s work centres on concepts of exile and dislocation. In his project “In Exile” he addressed the fragmentation of his own mind that he had felt all his life and which was … Continue reading

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