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What exactly is cultural heritage (and what isn’t)

One image I remember most vividly from the past decade was the looting and destruction of the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad after the entrance of the US army in spring 2003. See e.g. the Oriental Institute of the University … Continue reading

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Humanity in pieces

Humanity seems to be forgotten these days in Syria. The world has got used to horrific news from the country and every time we think that a low has been reached, something even worse appears. Today, the news were the … Continue reading

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Istanbul Days

Since 2010, Delphine Leccas and myself have been organising the Visual Arts Festival Damascus. At the time of its launch in Autumn 2010, we did not know that it would be the only time the festival would take place in … Continue reading

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A morning’s gift

A young child is enjoying a relaxed weekend morning in bed. The sun is shining and casts a soft light onto the white sheets. He turns around, hugs his teddy bear and hides under the sheets, telling how much he … Continue reading

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Behind Walls

Three films from Syria that explore the notion of prisons The figure of the captive is a recurring theme in a large part of Syrian artistic production, in literature, in theatre, and in visual arts and cinema: The captive both … Continue reading

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Things That Still Need to be Said

A year ago, I published the following post on the great Syrian film maker Omar Amiralay on my former blog. I am publishing it again here, because much of what I said then is still relevant and I would like … Continue reading

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Writing the Revolution

On being creative in times of terror How does one put sheer horror into words? And realizing the impossibility of this, how does one go on writing when horror remains at the back of one’s mind? For almost a year … Continue reading

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