Charlotte Bank is an independent researcher, curator and writer living and working between Berlin and Damascus. She curates film and video programs, exhibitions, organizes talks and seminars and publishes regularly in international media, on- and off-line. Zakharif blog is her personal blog on contemporary art, cinema, nomadic lifestyle and transculturalism.


One Response to About

  1. (sorry for my english, I’m french…) Your site is very interesting and nice. I’ve got a blog about syria revolution http://coudertmarion.com I’m writter and work with a photographer, Nicolas Camoisson who lived in Syria and Libanon when was child and young adult. Both, we work for Syria since several years. We’ve got a site http://www.collectifterritoires.com where you can see our works, exibitions, books, and a story about a strange noria’s hama for an international exhibition Zaragoza 2008 in Spain.

    Thanks a lot for site which allows links
    I hope we can share.
    Cordially. Marion Coudert

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